Delivering Grace Podcast

Celebrating YOU today, because you actually took the time to come to this website and listen to something that may or may not change your life. With God ALL things are possible! You are proof that He is a good and faithful God.

My name is Precious, and I actually started this devotional podcast, named "Delivering Grace" by my son Kaden, because I wanted to be a blessing and share the little bit I have to share about the Lord Jesus. He said, I feel like if you had a YouTube channel it would be called "Delivering Grace." He was about 7 years old at the time. Nevertheless, out of the mouth of babes.... I went with it.

Now I am a few podcasts into it and felt led to start a site to make myself available for those who maybe don't go on YouTube that much. And if you do, to help you find the channel and if you like it, subscribe.

Special thanks to Arise In Glory @KandiNicole on YouTube and Prophet Charles Walker @ProphetCharlesWalker on YouTube for encouraging me to keep going. And I truly hope it helps someone. ~Precious

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